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At 510 Innovations, LLC, we specialize in pioneering research, comprehensive data analytics, and enlightening education within the realms of Alternative Medicines. Our mission is to revolutionize these industries through data-driven insights and transformative educational programs.

Through our expert services, we enable businesses to harness the power of data, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions that drive growth and success. Whether you're navigating the complexities of Healthcare Innovation, Digital Health, Medical Cannabis, Adult & Personal-Use Cannabis, Psychedelics, or Entheogenic Plant Medicines, 510 Innovations is your trusted partner.

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Our commitment is to empower you to understand, visualize, analyze, and leverage data to enhance your business and health impact outcomes. From data transformation to actionable insights and educational initiatives, we are dedicated to helping you thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Dr. Marion McNabb

Dr. Marion McNabb

Founder and CEO of 510 Innovations

Dr. Marion McNabb, a visionary in public health and alternative medicine research, is the President and Founder of the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE), and the CEO of 510 Innovations, LLC. With an illustrious career that spans over two decades, Dr. McNabb has carved a niche in global and domestic health landscapes through her groundbreaking work in cannabis, digital health, HIV/AIDS, and epidemiology.

Her academic journey is marked by notable achievements, including a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from St. Louis University, a Masters in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) from Boston University School of Public Health. This robust educational foundation has empowered Dr. McNabb to lead with expertise and authority in her various roles.

At the helm of 510 Innovations, LLC, Dr. McNabb spearheads research, data analytics, and education services that drive transformative change in the alternative medicines sector. Her leadership at the Cannabis Center of Excellence is equally transformative, where she focuses on advancing cannabis research, education, and policy. Her role as a Cannabis Retail Appointee to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board underscores her influence and commitment to shaping the cannabis industry through informed research and policy recommendations.

Dr. McNabb's work is characterized by a deep commitment to public health and social justice. She has led seven research studies on medical and adult use cannabis since 2018, which have been instrumental in understanding cannabis use patterns across diverse populations, including veterans. These studies, approved by the UMass Dartmouth Institutional Review Board, reflect her dedication to evidence-based policy and education, furthering her mission to advocate for informed and equitable cannabis use and regulation.

The Virtual Cannabis Center of Excellence, Inc., under Dr. McNabb's leadership, has emerged as a beacon of excellence in cannabis research and education. Her efforts have been recognized with numerous awards, highlighting her impact on the cannabis community and beyond. These accolades include the Boston University Questrom School of Business and Green Lion Partners cannabis startup competition award in 2017, and NECANN community awards for cannabis research in 2018 and 2022, culminating in the prestigious 2023 NECANN award for Healthcare Provider of the Year.

Dr. McNabb's career also extends beyond the CCOE, as evidenced by her role as Senior Director of Research and Learning at the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, where she implements innovative measurement frameworks and contributes to the organizational research agenda. Her previous work as CEO and co-founder of the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) and her significant contributions to global public health, including projects in Africa and Haiti, underscore her unparalleled commitment to health innovation and community welfare.

In every facet of her work, Dr. Marion McNabb exemplifies leadership, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge to improve health outcomes and advocate for social justice in the realm of alternative medicines and beyond.