Can Cannabis Combat COVID? The Pandemic Spotlights the Need for More Research

Cannabis & COVID Research Event

This article summarizes key perspectives shared during a virtual panel event on cannabis and COVID-19 hosted by the Cannabis Center of Excellence in December 2019. The discussions covered in this article are based on the state of knowledge at that early point in the pandemic and may not reflect the most current research. However, the core insights around the need for more rigorous clinical trials on cannabis compounds and COVID-19 remain highly relevant. Watch video here:

In the midst of a global health crisis triggered by COVID-19, the Cannabis Center of Excellence convened a pivotal virtual panel discussion, bringing together some of the most prominent voices in cannabis research. This event represented a crucial confluence of scientific inquiry and public health policy, addressing the burgeoning interest in the potential therapeutic applications of cannabis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dialogue that unfolded offered a rich tapestry of insights, from cutting-edge preclinical studies to the societal impacts of cannabis use during these unprecedented times.

The significance of this panel discussion lies not just in its timely focus but also in the caliber of its participants. Each panelist brought a unique perspective, grounded in years of research and clinical experience. As they shared their findings and hypotheses, the discussion illuminated the complexities and potential of cannabis in a new light, particularly against the backdrop of a global health emergency that has affected millions.

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