The Frontier of Cannabis Research: Highlights from the CCOE, MCR, and BU Cannabis Science Fair | 2021

A Cannabis Center of Excellence Video Summary

Discover the groundbreaking insights from the Cannabis Science Fair held at Boston University (2021) in collaboration with the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE) and MCR Labs. This event marked a significant milestone in cannabis research, showcasing the latest scientific studies and fostering dialogue between researchers and the public. Watch our video to delve into the exciting world of cannabis science and hear from key figures like Dr. Marion McNabb and MCR Lab CEO Michael Khan. Watch video here. Be sure to like and subscribe for more!

A New Era of Cannabis Research and Public Engagement

Boston University's Role in Normalizing Cannabis Studies

At Boston University, a significant event took place that signified a shift towards the normalization of cannabis research. The university, known for its academic excellence, hosted a science fair dedicated entirely to studies about the cannabis plant. This event marked an important step in bringing cannabis research into mainstream scientific discourse.

MCR Labs and the Challenge of Cannabis Testing

MCR Labs, a key player in cannabis testing and research, expressed their enthusiasm for showcasing the science behind cannabis. Michael Khan, the CEO of MCR Labs, shared insights into the challenges faced by testing labs in this highly regulated industry. He emphasized the need for transparency and quality control, highlighting the issue of lab shopping in the cannabis industry.

Dr. Marion McNabb: A Trailblazer in Cannabis Research

Celebrating a Homecoming and a Milestone

For Dr. Marion McNabb, President of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, the science fair was not just an event but a homecoming. An alumna of Boston University’s School of Public Health, Dr. McNabb reflected on her journey, which began with winning the first annual Boston University Cannabis Startup Competition five years ago. Her pitch for the Cannabis Center of Excellence, then just an idea, has now materialized into a leading organization in cannabis research.

The Cannabis Center of Excellence: Leading the Way in Medical Cannabis

Under Dr. McNabb’s leadership, the Cannabis Center of Excellence has carved out a significant role in validating cannabis as medicine backed by scientific research. The center's involvement in organizing the science fair underscores its commitment to advancing the understanding of cannabis and its therapeutic potentials.

Forwarding Cannabis Science and Education

The Impact of the Cannabis Science Fair

The Cannabis Science Fair at Boston University, facilitated by collaborations with MCR Labs and the Cannabis Center of Excellence, represents a major stride in cannabis education and public awareness. It provides a platform for researchers to share their findings with the public, bridging the gap between cannabis science and societal understanding.

The Future of Cannabis Research and Policy

Events like the Cannabis Science Fair are instrumental in shaping the future of cannabis research and influencing policy decisions. They foster an environment where science and education can lead to informed discussions about cannabis, paving the way for further advancements in this field.

Pioneering Medical Cannabis Research with Cannabis Center of Excellence
Shaping the Future of Medical Cannabis